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"ADHD & Work" Event Aims to Empower Job Seekers and Career Navigators

"ADHD & Work" Event Aims to Empower Job Seekers and Career Navigators

On July 18th, a vibrant assemblage of professionals, job seekers, and individuals dealing with ADHD congregated for an enlightening and empowering event - "ADHD & Work." The event took place at DLA Piper, Three Exchange Square, Central. It was free of charge, offering an invaluable opportunity for individuals in the workforce who manage their lives with ADHD.

We aimed an event to create a platform for job seekers with ADHD and offer them insights into career navigation strategies, job-seeking tips, compelling resume crafting, and successful interview strategies. The attendees also delved into the critical aspects of managing ADHD in the workplace, learning practical techniques to enhance productivity and ultimately achieving job satisfaction.

We were honoured to host three eminent guests: Mr. Loic Andre, Founder and Director of OJ Ability, Ms. Maggie Lock, COO, Asiapac HR and Head of HR Taiwan for Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking, and Ms. Amanda Fok, a certified ADHD coach and Founder of Let's Talk ADHD. Their presentations were rich in knowledge, shedding light on the nuances of navigating a professional path while managing ADHD.
In addition to the enlightening talks, the event presented a unique opportunity to interact with these distinguished professionals. Participants asked questions, shared their experiences, and engaged in stimulating discussions, all contributing to mutual learning and understanding.

The event was a significant step toward creating an inclusive, empathetic, and understanding professional environment. The feedback we received from attendees and speakers alike was incredibly positive, indicating the necessity of such initiatives in our society.

Looking ahead, we plan to host more events like "ADHD & Work" to continue advocating for inclusivity in the workplace. We hope to empower individuals with ADHD, providing them with the tools they need to thrive in their professional journeys.

Stay tuned for more information about future events, and join us next time as we work towards a more understanding, accepting and inclusive professional world.

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